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Volkswagen sales, repairs and service

Garage Reusser AG - your specialist for Volkswagen

With our experienced technicians and sales consultants, you and your vehicle are in the best hands with us. Whether sales, repairs or service - we are at your side.

Currently available Volkswagen models

Discover the diverse selection of our Volkswagen vehicles. They stand for quality, innovation and tradition. From reliable everyday cars to environmentally friendly electric cars; Volkswagen has the right model for you. 


About VW

Volkswagen is a leading global automobile manufacturer based in Wolfsburg, Germany. The company was founded in 1937 and is known for a wide range of vehicles, including the legendary VW Beetle or modern models such as the VW Golf and VW Tiguan. Volkswagen has also increasingly turned to electromobility and plans to bring a large number of electric cars onto the market.

The Volkswagen Group includes 10 brands from 5 European countries. Among others, Volkswagen, Skoda, CUPRA and also brands such as Porsche, Ducati and Bentley. Volkswagen has a global presence and is a major player in the automotive industry.


VW vehicles

Volkswagen vehicles offer quality, versatility and innovative technology. From legendary models like the VW Golf to modern SUVs and electric vehicles like the ID.3 and the e-up! VW has the right vehicle for every need. Discover the wide range of models and experience the future of mobility with Volkswagen.


Our service offering for your Volkswagen vehicle

From the thorough vehicle check to the smooth technical inspection - with us you and your Volkswagen are in the best hands. 


What is checked during a car service?

  • Engine oil and filters: Replacement and inspection for optimal lubrication of the VW engine.

  • Brakes: Check the brake pads, brake discs and brake fluid for safety in your vehicle.

  • Tires: Check tire tread and air pressure and replace if necessary.

  • Lighting system: Functional test of the headlights, brake lights and indicators in your VW.

  • Battery: Checking the condition and capacity for reliable starting.

  • Cooling system: Check the coolant and hoses to avoid overheating. 

  • Air filter: Filter replacement for optimal air supply to the VW engine.

  • Steering and suspension: Inspection for precise steering and stable driving behavior.

  • Electrical systems: Functional testing of electrical components such as the battery and spark plugs in your Volkswagen vehicle.

  • Fluid levels: Checking and topping up coolant and windshield washer fluid.

  • Vehicle diagnostics: Troubleshooting using diagnostic equipment to identify problems.

  • General inspection: Visual inspection of windshield wipers, windows, belts and seats in your VW.

Why regular car service is important


Regular services on your Volkswagen ensure that all safety systems such as brakes and tires function properly, thereby reducing the risk of accidents. 


Regular maintenance allows potential problems with your VW to be identified and resolved early, thereby avoiding unexpected breakdowns and expensive repairs.

Performance and efficiency

Well-maintained Volkswagens drive more efficiently and use less fuel, which is good for both the environment and your wallet.

Preservation of value

A seamless service history increases the resale value of the vehicle, as a well-maintained Volkswagen gains the trust of potential buyers.

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